Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Festival Photos

It's great making sales but the real money is in meeting some very cool people, from the conscientious grandmother looking for a gift for her granddaughter to a book publisher who invites you to use their store for a booksigning...

...Another sale, and poet Nome Poem trying to sneak by--"An Afrikan in winter and a daughter to your son, just like you, i'm everyone"...

...Normally, pigeons overhead is a concern at any festival. But noticing them flying from one patch of green to another only added to an already perfect sunny September day!...

...LMJP, as in L. Martin Johnson Pratt. Social media Black consumer dropped by to showcase my books on twitter...

...And right here is the point. To develop a connection with your child early on, so that when challenges out of your control present themselves your word as a parent will still matter...

...My favorite writer, Edwidge Danticat with her daughter. Back in the days, we were both members of the Haitian American Writers Guild. Of course, she got to meet Oprah first!!!...

Thank you, Brooklyn for all the love!!!

And shoutout to my new literary friends, Valerie Foster, Kenneth Filmore, Jr., Jeffrey Jacque and G.G. (Pull'em Down Day!) Thompson.

For those of you who put in orders for Volume Two, either in person or on-line, they'll be ready for shipping by October 16th.

Before You Fly Off is a conversation between an African American Father and his teenage daughter. It is currently used in middle and alternative high schools, youth centers and community colleges. In Volume One, we focused on peer pressure, teen parties, weight issues, how to cope in a drug and crime-infested neighborhood, and even pedophiles. This time around we're looking at depression, sexuality, communication skills, and parent stress, among other topics, including advice for males.

All books by this author can be purchased on or by e-mailing him directly on this site or at

Thank you again. See you at the next one and in the in between time....

Photos by Ocean Morisset

Video Clip Interview

Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Brooklyn Book Festival

The 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival is Sunday, September 13th from 10a to 6p. I'll be showcasing my literary works, alongside other writers who've agreed to participate in what looks to be a very exciting day. So stop by to browse, say hello and of course support!!! (I'll be in booth #57)

Before You Fly Off - Vol. 2 is a follow-up from the previous volume that focused on such topics as peer pressure, female weight and image issues, and parent stress. In this segment, we're looking at depression, sexuality, communication skills, and even advice for males, among another things. Plus, this time around my daughter has a few things to say. Her Dear Dad letter is already causing a buzz!!!

This literary project actually resulted from an effort to save my own daughter from self-destructive behavior. At the time, I had no idea the books would become so popular. It wasn't until a guidance counselor read my daughter's personal copy--my gift to her for her 16th birthday--when she saw the potential for mass appeal. Today both volumes are being utilized in intermediate and high schools, community colleges, regular and alternative settings, group homes and youth centers, and by parents who want to gain a better understanding of their daughters.

Directions to Book Festival:
By car from Manhattan: Brooklyn Bridge, stay straight on Adams Street. Turn right on Joralemon Street

By car from Staten Island: Verrazano Bridge to 278West. Take Exit 27 and turn onto Atlantic Avenue. Turn left on Boerum Place, then left on Joralemon

By car from New Jersey: Holland Tunnel to Brooklyn Bridge, onto Atlantic Avenue

By subway: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall; R to Court Street; A, C, F to Jay Street/Borough Hall

This book was a joy to read and share with others...It should be seriously considered by persons conducting workshops, teaching courses, or providing counseling on youth development..."

-- Dr. Alvin Lee Keyes, Clinical Psychologist