Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Next Book Reading: February 25th

So I'm getting ready for another book reading coming up on the 25th, but this time I'm letting our suns take the podium to have their say on what it is exactly they want from us grown ups, Obama, our educational system and male/female relationships. If you too have something to say about the plight of young males of African descent, let me know so I can make sure you're part of this important, open and free discussion. I'll provide the details soon. In the meantime and always, peace n gratitude!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pro Doesn't Have to Mean Anti

Teaching our youth that the white man is responsible for all of their problems is the same as naziheads teaching their youth that all their problems come from Black people. Our marginalized sons, esp and their marginalized sons are hungry for fathers, big brothers and answers, so it's very easy for us to lure them into our personal agendas while in the end leaving them disillusioned and stuck in anger mode. As elders, it's important to remind them of accountability, personal responsibility, reflecting on the self, owning up to their poor choices and refusal to look at how they themselves add to their own demise. Yes, Euro-Americans and anyone with similar skin traits benefit from racism. Yes, the system is set to fail Black children. And yes, we have a President that looks like them but is too afraid to represent them for fear of losing conservative votes. And yes too, the white man exploited the beef between Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X. But who pulled the trigger?...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pause/Reflect...Now, What?...

Teacher, don't just ask for an essay on the I Have a Dream speech. Think beyond formula. Ask us where we think the dream is now; if our education changed much since the 1950s, if we have jobs, and if police crime watch towers are in all neighborhoods or just in ours.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Sons in Art Form...

Later this summer I'm giving 12 local artists and photo-storytellers a chance to display their artwork with the general population. The theme will be around my book on young, marginalized males; their everyday struggles and how they overcome. Below are some samples of what we hope will both inform and inspire--

Cecil Bernard

Jay Doune

Steve Williams

Ije Akpoke


Chris Carter

Ocean Morisset

Paven Carter

Terry Beverly

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Your Kid Doesn't Like to Write...

Teacher spends more time on correcting spelling
than on what he has to say;

She was taught early on that good writing means
having someone else's voice;

He doesn't want to get picked on
for being different;

If she stays still
she's forced to reflect on her actions;

He won't ask for help
cos he doesn't know what help looks like.