Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Next Stop: The Promise and Realities of America Community Forum Series

FYI: As part of The Promise and Realities of America
community forum series
@ The Irondale Center in Brooklyn, NY
October 3rd, 6-9pm--
 "An analysis of how the American political system is analyzed
and contexualized for many through mainstream media".
Featured presenter: Author/Youth Educator:
Kahlil Koromantee
Other presenters include Farai Chideya and Dr. Eddie Moore
(click on above pic for details).

The Parent Participation Part

Parents get a lil thrown off their guard when they learn that the book they bought for their kid to read has a chapter on parent participation, with pointed questions involving choice (If my father's no good, why were you attracted to him?), intention (Did you want to be a married woman/man or a baby mama/daddy?), responsibility (Did you attend parent-teacher meetings?), accountability (Was our home a loving, supportive home or a place of chaos, disorder and frustration?), and timing (Were the two of you financially ready to have me?)....We get what we create!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lehman College Soon...

My book interview with Lehman College/CUNY coming soon...

2012 Brooklyn Book Festival

Ready, set, go!
(The art of selling)

Young gym teacher and seasoned media arts instructor. 
Both see the benefits of putting student before ego... 
My poster of a letter from a 16yrld to her absentee father,
 and this dad was very moved by it...
   23yrld Edgar is from Honduras.
 He was on the ave n saw all the commotion;
saw my book n couldn't put it down,
so i gave him a seat... 

School officials make it a point to browse the Fest in search of interesting motivational youth book. And when they sign up for yours, it's a sign that the Dept. of Ed recognizes and supports the role of alternative in education...   
A teacher looking for a book to get her teens to reflect 
on their lives, 
while still learning...
                                       The art of selling...

 I like it when church members support my books. They know formula doesn't work and formalities don't pay the rent. Plus, young people are dealing with grown up sht, so they also know to find a keep it real book, then re-connect with what they threw away...

Thank you again to those who purchased my books, along with the interesting talks with browsers. I appreciate it all and hope you stay tuned for more of my book projects. See you at the next one! (Photos by Ocean Morisset....Who else?)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Biz Card

My new business card! Just in time for the Brooklyn Book Festival tomorrow (Sunday, September 23rd) at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza/209 Joralemon Street. Come and enjoy a fun day of meeting other serious readers looking for new, interesting books, along with up n coming authors of all subjects. I'll be setting up between the Harlem Writers Guild and South Carolina writer, Horace Mungin, representing classic, homegrown and progressive Black literature. I love this fest cos it's a great opportunity to chat with fans and new fans, young and wiser. For me, especially, it's a blessing meeting established and new educators looking for non-traditional reading material for their hard to reach students. And of course, the parents themselves are always a nice surprise because they add meaning to my purpose. Hope all of you can make it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Brooklyn Book Festival

Got my table at the upcoming Brooklyn Book Festival Sunday, September 23rd where serious writers link up with serious readers. I try to be at this popular book fest every year cos it's a great way to meet readers looking for books they can't find and, of course, make them sales. Plus, you get to see established writers who drop by for support. I'll be between fellow author Horace Mungin and the Hartlem Writers Guild. Hope to see you there!

Dear Grown-Ups...

As fired up as we are during these here Presidential campaigns, it's the youth who've had enough; enough of our contradictions, our poor choices in who we pick for their fathers or mothers, an education that's more about indoctrination, and our tendency to clap n cry for symbolism while unemployment for our sons, especially continues to rise past the point of state of emergency. You and I are voting to re-elect Obama cos we know about the game our Prez has to play in order to make things happen for us. But what they've been trying to tell us is that after all the marching, all them efforts to conform, all our millionairs n billionairs who have power but no vision, they still gotta go beggin for legal work from those who despise them. So where's Black power is their question. And don't bring up great dead people or more false promises. They really hate it when we stay stuck in the past and stuck on messiah.