Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sign of the Times...

He from Senegal by way of Harlem
Il est Africain but only when his parents are looking
Otherwise, he pulls his pants down more than some
Between leaving his building and heading back in
Cos he knows better to, if he doesn't wanna get picked on
He even learned to say 'nigga' cos he wants so badly to be Black

He from Senegal
But doesn't like it when you tell on him like that
Cos no one wants to be african
But everybody wanna be nigga!


fall in line
cos you don't mind
chains around your smile
are you hungry?
of course, you are
but you keep your pride down
pretend you like it raw
when they're drilling your backside

some say money comes before aspirations
while some aspirations are merely illusions
one thing for sure
if you can't see from this angle
everybody gotta do their dirt if they want that tv cable

go by the trends
cos you got nothing of your own
to make true friends
are you angry?
of course, you are
but you fake the fake
pretend you still know your name
when they're feeding your frontside

some say fame comes after the give up
while some give it up even after the wake up
one thing for sure
if no one's told you yet,
only the free know not to forget.

From my next book of poems, Throw

Monday, August 29, 2011

Marked Man

"You are a marked man ~ Kahlil Koromantee ~ your compassion and the conviction of these words are pure and penetrating. You are marked because you have the courage to put yourself out there in words and deeds for all to see. This is a singular gift and the fact that you are a teacher multiplies that gift exponentially. The world is a much more interesting place because of your presence in it. You are making a difference. Your mark is made in the hearts, minds, and lives of all your students, friends and people who know, respect, and love you. A humble observer."

And this is why I do what I do...Thank you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Sketch In...

‎17yrld illustrator, Chris Carter saved the best for last. I wanted to add visuals this time around, especially for the male readers, and Chris came thru once again; just like Nchewu Akpoke and Rajiv Mahadeo came thru with their own sketches. (Rajiv, by the way, did the cover for my first book of poems, The Dredlocks Tree).Thank you, guys for your amazing input to this project!!!

And so the printing begins...