Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Book Order

Dear Reader,

Your order of the new book, Before You Fly Off - Volume Two is ready for shipping or pick up. Feel free to contact the author for details, including personally signed copies, or visit and most target retail stores. You can also request this book at Harlem's Hue Man Bookstore and Sisters Uptown Bookstore & Cafe in Washington Heights, NY.

Before You Fly Off is a father/daughter conversation on general life skills. In Volume One we discussed such topics as peer pressure, weight issues, street smarts, image and how to develop self-confidence. This time around we're tackling depression, skin color politics, communication skills, parent stress, sexuality, among other concerns, with even advice for Black males.

Thank you again for your support at the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival. See you at the Harlem Book Fair next year!

Peace and gratitude

Kahlil Koromantee, M.A.
Educator and Life Skills Counselor

When the President Calls You a Jackass...

When the President calls you a jackass, it's pretty much a given that you're not to be taken seriously. Not when you use your vip status to bully an innocent fifteen-year-old. But the story's less about public humiliation and more about a young man who's still mourning his mother's death. That's the hype we should be paying attention to, if we really want to address Black male rage. Because that's the basis of Kanye's pain, like every other young nubian who feels marginalized. So you act out, at whatever cost,
since attention is attention.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

K Invites

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Journal

Chicken Bones Journal

Quill Spirit On-Line Magazine

Other invites include the Carolina African-American Writers Collective and the Harlem Frank Silvera Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

One of the most common dilemmas for entering college students, and even some seasoned students, is deciding what major to declare. They come to me stressed over choices and pressures they either place on themselves; sometimes wondering if college is even the answer. When I look at a student's transcript and notice all the low or failing grades, I first pose the question to them--after the obvious 'Are you alright?'-- Are you in the right major? Because what you focus on is directly related to how motivated you are, whether or not you see the point in taking certain courses, are there any cultural pressures to stay in a major you despise, and if your major is based on natural know-how, potential salary or what others have dictated to you.

Come November 11th at Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY, we'll be discussing just that-- How poor grades and academic probation may be the result of being in the wrong major, to begin with, and possible solutions. This workshop will encourage students to think more critically about why they've chosen their majors? How our personal values affect our academics and career objectives? How to handle parental and societal pressures? Tips on self-motivation and basic college skills. How to study the market and the self? How to act like your major? And when it's time to change directions altogether.

The Baltimore Fatherhood Project

Fathers provide the vision. They set the tone. Or else the children do it for them...