Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reach Higher and Within

I write books that I can't find
and it's with my motivational books
that I help young people channel their energies
in a positive/productive way while also
assisting parents and educators reach them.
This is my offering to you.
The charge of doing my part
in finding solutions to a national crisis.
My understanding is that we want to save
our sons and daughters.
What better way to do so
 by first working on our selves
so that our approach as guardians and teachers,
counselors and advisors,
is not based on formula already proven ineffective
but rather practical means
that empower our youth
  to reach higher and within.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

11 Dumb Things American Africans Do:

Being shocked whenever a gross collective dis happens to Black folk and fussing about it for days and months as if we just got here

Waiting for The Messiah or President Obama to come solve all of our problems for us

Voting at the Presidential level but not at the Primaries where it really counts and not demanding more from our local politicians

Hating one another based on geography, skin color and post colonial training

Avoiding counseling or therapy to avoid getting out of victim mindset

Expecting Euro-American psychology books to define and heal you 

Focusing on race-ism and not living and loving, so much that the only thing we talk about is race-ism

Spending more energy on hair, accessories, reality shows, car rims and sports rather than on what our kids are learning in school, getting involved in community meetings and personal/collective accountability 

Confusing street culture with Black culture
Celebrating an entertainer who sexes and urinates on a minor, purchasing the video to then sell it to others who will sell it as well, while calling gay marriage disgusting

Following religions and traditions that were used to enslave us. 

11 Dumb Things American Europeans Do:

Asking a Black person if you can touch their hair and touching it before they say no

Looking behind you when a Black person, especially a man, is walking in your direction when he’s the one who should be scared, considering your collective track record

Assuming that your definition or standard of beauty is the ideal norm
Assuming that the majority of welfare recipients are lazy, no good single Black mothers when in actually it’s Hassidic Jews who hold the highest stats
Assuming that the Black person doing work in his garden is the hired help and not the homeowner
Not understanding why Blacks are behind economically and in health while unwilling to find out why
Not checking your relatives, friends, neighbors and teachers on their race-ism so as not to lose your status in the family and community
Saying Black people should just get over post slavery trauma
Dating Black because of our sexual appeal and not our sense of originality and resilience
Teaching Black children to glorify everyone but their own and then punishing them for misbehaving
Debating whether or not race-ism exists while benefitting from race-ism