Sunday, April 20, 2014

11 Dumb Things American Africans Do:

Being shocked whenever a gross collective dis happens to Black folk and fussing about it for days and months as if we just got here

Waiting for The Messiah or President Obama to come solve all of our problems for us

Voting at the Presidential level but not at the Primaries where it really counts and not demanding more from our local politicians

Hating one another based on geography, skin color and post colonial training

Avoiding counseling or therapy to avoid getting out of victim mindset

Expecting Euro-American psychology books to define and heal you 

Focusing on race-ism and not living and loving, so much that the only thing we talk about is race-ism

Spending more energy on hair, accessories, reality shows, car rims and sports rather than on what our kids are learning in school, getting involved in community meetings and personal/collective accountability 

Confusing street culture with Black culture
Celebrating an entertainer who sexes and urinates on a minor, purchasing the video to then sell it to others who will sell it as well, while calling gay marriage disgusting

Following religions and traditions that were used to enslave us. 

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