Sunday, April 20, 2014

11 Dumb Things American Europeans Do:

Asking a Black person if you can touch their hair and touching it before they say no

Looking behind you when a Black person, especially a man, is walking in your direction when he’s the one who should be scared, considering your collective track record

Assuming that your definition or standard of beauty is the ideal norm
Assuming that the majority of welfare recipients are lazy, no good single Black mothers when in actually it’s Hassidic Jews who hold the highest stats
Assuming that the Black person doing work in his garden is the hired help and not the homeowner
Not understanding why Blacks are behind economically and in health while unwilling to find out why
Not checking your relatives, friends, neighbors and teachers on their race-ism so as not to lose your status in the family and community
Saying Black people should just get over post slavery trauma
Dating Black because of our sexual appeal and not our sense of originality and resilience
Teaching Black children to glorify everyone but their own and then punishing them for misbehaving
Debating whether or not race-ism exists while benefitting from race-ism

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