Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dear Grown-Ups...

As fired up as we are during these here Presidential campaigns, it's the youth who've had enough; enough of our contradictions, our poor choices in who we pick for their fathers or mothers, an education that's more about indoctrination, and our tendency to clap n cry for symbolism while unemployment for our sons, especially continues to rise past the point of state of emergency. You and I are voting to re-elect Obama cos we know about the game our Prez has to play in order to make things happen for us. But what they've been trying to tell us is that after all the marching, all them efforts to conform, all our millionairs n billionairs who have power but no vision, they still gotta go beggin for legal work from those who despise them. So where's Black power is their question. And don't bring up great dead people or more false promises. They really hate it when we stay stuck in the past and stuck on messiah.

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