Friday, January 20, 2012

Pro Doesn't Have to Mean Anti

Teaching our youth that the white man is responsible for all of their problems is the same as naziheads teaching their youth that all their problems come from Black people. Our marginalized sons, esp and their marginalized sons are hungry for fathers, big brothers and answers, so it's very easy for us to lure them into our personal agendas while in the end leaving them disillusioned and stuck in anger mode. As elders, it's important to remind them of accountability, personal responsibility, reflecting on the self, owning up to their poor choices and refusal to look at how they themselves add to their own demise. Yes, Euro-Americans and anyone with similar skin traits benefit from racism. Yes, the system is set to fail Black children. And yes, we have a President that looks like them but is too afraid to represent them for fear of losing conservative votes. And yes too, the white man exploited the beef between Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X. But who pulled the trigger?...

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