Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Reasons Why I Don't Support Hamas or, I Ain't Sellin Bean Pies For You No More!!!

1. Throwing a rocket into Israel after agreeing to a truce is not Islamic resistance but what we here in da hood call a punk move;

2. The annihilation of another state is not based on the annihilation of innocent Palestines--your own people--who are caught between your backward thinking and everyday survival;

3. Historically speaking, and contrary to what American Black Muslims teach, Islam does not represent our true religion. In fact, much like Christianity, Islam invaded Africa (and Detroit) replacing our natural lean towards Ifa, Vodun, Santeria and Condomble with the stifling of women, sexuality and creativity;

4. Prior to 9/11, Arab bodega merchants would dis Blacks but still take their money, and because of post-slavery psychosis we tolerated it;

5. After 9/11, realizing that racist Whites considered y'all The New Nigger (giving us a break for a minute), young Muhammads and Mustafas were shocked and uspet about racial profiling when Deshawn and Tarif in Bed-Stuy were dealing with racism all their lives;

6. Your men generally take the position that Black women are to be defiled, not married;

7. Showing mad love to Muhammad Ali but not to Al Sharpton shows allegiance to Islam, not Black people;

8. When respected journalist, Christina Amanpour recently asked your current rep if Hamas doesn't see how having two sets of foreign policies (yours as closed-fisted and Fatah's as forward-thinking) only makes way for divide and conquer tactics from outsiders, he avoided the question and answered instead with more stuck-in-the-past rhetoric;

9. Your pic reminds me of the Klu Klux Klan (who also were too coward to show their faces) and the Jim Crow days where racist American White parents encouraged their children to watch and clap;

10. Darfur.

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