Friday, May 8, 2009

Santa Fe

Santa Fe
Keeps telling me to stay
It’s only in my dreams
But here my dreams come true
Feels like home
Even if New York City hustle’s showin' all over my face

Late bloomer,
Always the last to get the plot
But here I’m on top of the games
Feels nat’ral
Even if my no frills instamatic camera gives me away

And I’m riding in my rented beat up truck
Not a single car getting in my way
The endless road seems like it’s kissing at the blue
While turquoise-colored lizards are dancing on my hood
Like they don’t wanna see me go

Black cowboy
Smiling at the sun
And counting on the desert moon to tell me why
I’m itchin' like a rattlesnake
When it’s just my boots playing in the red
Snatching pebbles sent from heaven, if not Albuquerque

Santa Fe
Keeps tugging at my feet
Making up my mind
Cos Times Square doesn’t move me
Subways stress the soul
Highrisers block the sun
And Harlem isn’t mine anymore.

*From my next book, Throw.

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