Thursday, June 25, 2009


Though Vol. 1 did and continues to do well, its cover design was just ok. But hey, I was just starting this author thing and at the time I didn't even know what a palm card was!!! But then Morisset came to the rescue. He took the lovely Tania, one of my students who is now on her way to Brooklyn College (congrats again!), and me by water and told us to just talk as we usually do. I ended up being more nervous than her because I'm better behind the cam than in front of it. But our photo man still managed to do his magic and this time around I got what the kids would call a bangin' cover!!! And wait 'til you see the back cover, but that's for later. This is just a sneakpeak at the process. I'm looking at a July release in time for school purchases, while the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival has already given me a kind nod. Thanks again, Morisset. You're the best!

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