Friday, February 12, 2010

J Journal

When the haters are on the attack, it's always best to remember who you are and the ones who matter...

Me and CUNY's John Jay College President, Jeremy Travis who not only had enough vision to push J Journal, but even turned his office corridor into a faculty art gallery! I always say, supervising and directing has less to do with delegation and more to do with inspiration, motivation and support.

J Journal editors, Jeffrey Heiman (far left) and Adam Berlin (right).

Two very excited readers and one thankful writer!

Group pic-- The attending writers of the very fist issue of J Journal, with editors and College Prez (For complete story and photos, see older posts)


Ocean Morisset said...

Revel in the things that bring you joy and with the people that show you support. Remain an enigma to the rest. They're not ready.


Kristina Taylor said...

Hey it's Kristina from Facebook. I love your page, love your words... I studied under Mrs. Leonard Jefferies! ;-) Also been wrestling with the idea of higher "education." Got my sites set on Indiana for African History but still to you soon. Peace~Ashe'