Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For dad

Don't stop me, father
Just hold me in flight
I'm as restless as mother
But I can see in the night
Feel sorry for your angel
But don't break his time
There's a lot to be done now
And much to let go

Those confrontations we had in the past
Don't add up to the missings that fell on me last
Your undertaker gave me her eyes
Drinking up the moonlight,
I saw you...

I kiss at your dreams that never came true
I hope that my own life meant one good thing for you
A healer and teacher is taking your place
So much work for the junior
But still enough space.

Happy Father's Day, every day, dad. Thank you for teaching me not to fear the unknown and to be more than my skin color; more than my sex....I love you.

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