Friday, July 23, 2010

Typical Day

One of my sons was telling me to be ez on obama; that 8yrs of bush and another by his father, and now having to clean up after all that. then you got the republicans who are doing everything they can to block his agenda. he fucked up when he took boston for granted. maybe thought uncle kennedy was enuf. but i couldn't find a job. and if it wasn't for his extending unemployment i'd be fucked. but he opened up some programs and this is how i got my emt job. you just gotta apply yourself. do you know he offered nyc public schools $20mil for reform and they said no, thank u? but he reached out. he set up some fair standards on wall st. battling obesity and post-war trauma. put haiti back on the spotlight. as far as i know, first u.s. president to address racism. women now have equal pay, health care reform and now he's pushing new energy. kept the nation safe each time somebody tried us. and it's the military that's stalling on getting rid of 'don't ask, don't tell'.....

Is our generation impatient?
Maybe some of us were thinking more like messiah instead of politician?

Do young people see what we don't see?...

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