Saturday, August 28, 2010

Black Trash/White Trash

At first, I didn't wanna see any of the Katrina hurricane reminders. Too much pain. That entire week of waiting for our government to rescue those survivors and claim the dead
made me feel so ashamed of our country.

I don't know what stood out for y'all. But for me scenes like Black folk on rooftops writing words 'We are Americans', an elderly White man seemingly lost in a sea of abandoned Black people, and celine dion (who usually rattles my nerves) making a televised emotional plea to Louisiana state officials to DO SOMETHING!!!
That feeling of seeing your kind, though much poorer than you, being treated like trash. This is when White guilt and Black rage stare each other down...

I'm not gonna say too much. Still got them chapters to right. But I think it's good for the nation to remember. Gives us a chance to stop a min and see just how fucked up da sht is!

When you read deeper into it, the Heads got a map on some floor where they can point to Black trash and White trash. That's how they decide who gets to live in the most dire counties. The fact that poor Blacks and poor Whites despise each other is just the fallout from race-ism. America's not only the land of plenty. It' also a place where people are categorized and judged by their economic standing. Even if being poor and Black is the worse county to be in, when your White skin can't save you you end up with us. One of these days us and them and them and us are gonna wake up and realize that the enemy isn't each other but a domestic policy that supports division. Because division is distraction-- If the people come together we'll be forced to DO SOMETHING about poverty in this country. So generational divide is a good thing.

I'll put it to you this way. Preventing free health care for everyone tells us how a large segment of our population feels about poor people-- Black trash/White trash, until they're in the same bind.

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