Sunday, January 16, 2011

My MLK Moment or, Two Old Kats...

My MLK moment was at a Brooklyn deli. My best friend, Jason and I stopped in for sandwiches and beer. It was Jason's hood, so he was friendly with the store clerk. She didn't see us walk in together. When she noticed me at the other end of the glass looking at the different meats and cheese, she made a comment that went over my head. It's them times when I get so relaxed with just being that I forget to pay attention. By the time I looked up at her, Jason was already passed calling her out on her racist remark. "I'm surprised at you!" He told the woman who by now seemed paralyzed by her own embarassment. We were already good buddies and lit comrades, but from that point on Jason was fam! In some ways, he's more family than those I assumed were if only for their words. Solidarity with your kind is necessary for community progress. but sometimes water is thicker than blood.

Jason's also the only euro-american kat I know who can talk openly and honeslty about race-ism, besides Michael Moore.

Has America fulfilled Dr. King's dream? Depends on what you call progress and what I call decorations. Politics and friendships both get blurry at times. That's why I keep having to remind you-- if you really wanna see someone, close your eyes!

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