Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Meanwhile, back in the Egypt that's still sleeping, the run-off presidential election date has been set for March 20th. Current puppet prez, Preval says he needs to stick around or the country will be in chaos (uh, it was in chaos before you came along and most likely will continue to be as long as we keep letting ego and puppet shows get in the way of progress). In any event, it's down to two candidates. A conservative prior first lady, Mirlande Manigat and Sweet Mickey who may have to go by his govament name, Michel Martelly if he actually wins. Aristide, or ti-tid if you still got love for him, is looking to return to Haiti to support Mickey. By the way, Mickey said if he wins he'll welcome the presence of the U.S.. That's code to Hillary Clinton for, You ain't really gonna let me run these crazy mothaothers on my own, right? Cos singin n grindin I can do. But that other thing called leading, not too sure bout that. Manigat didn't comment, tho she's currently tyring on different puppet outfits, and Wyclef is still kicking himself for not reading the fine print!Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a woman lead Haiti for a change. Conservative or not, having a woman in charge would/should give voice to Haitian women, since they're not about ego but makin sht happen; would/should put a break on female and male prostitution; would/should make poverty, education and infrastructure priority; and most certainly would/should finally allow monies to reach the people. I personally don't know what it means for any candidate in Ayiti to be conservative. French over Kreyol? Diplomatic fake smiles vs demanding France and Baby Doc for reparations? Send your kids to Paris and Montreal vs Miami and Brooklyn? Private school for the few who can afford it vs finally establishing a public school system? Still sleeping with the D.R. and still waking up dirty and empty-handed vs addressing modern slavery? or learning new and fancier ways of being docile vs getting out of fear-mindset?

When this egypt is merely a piece of clay waiting to be molded in whichever way the wind blows, there's really no conservative vs liberal. So the key wind, to me, is vision. if either one of these characters has vision for the country's forward and upward movement, then and only then will I feel some of the pride my mother has for her battered, broken down nation. Otherwise, let the sht burn!!!

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