Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Is...(Message to a Youngblood)

"...And LOVE IS pointing out her haters to her, so she can watch her back; LOVE IS not letting her ignore her close friends and family just 'cause she found true love; LOVE IS pressuring her to graduate when she tells you she'd make a great mother; LOVE IS saying she's beautiful without the weave, hair piece or wig; LOVE IS understanding how your preferring girls with long hair and lighter skin complexion adds to her own rage and self-esteem issues; LOVE IS inviting her to debate with you and your friends on serious topics and world events; LOVE IS taking her to see movies that also make people reflect; LOVE IS teaching her that female empowerment doesn't mean male disempowerment; LOVE IS asking her when was the last time she apologized to someone and why?..."

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