Sunday, November 4, 2012

Typical Times...

This image and its captions reflect the current debate over which is the best way to raise and educate our teens, especially our sons. Traditional formulas aren't working

while new incentives handcuffed by tradition aren't working either. And in the between, our youth grow increasingly frustrated with the grown-ups. Since more Black females graduate college than Black males as a result of lesson plans that don't consider male learning patterns, they're more likely to become their supervisors. And since mass unemployment continues to be the main instigator of Black male disempowerment, the supervisor is now both in the home and at the job. Matriarchy is once again the norm and the on-going plan to destroy the Black family system. And let's be clear here.

When progressive educators use words like feminized and emasculated, we're not talking sexuality but rather the deliberate attempt to turn our sons into passive, non-threateneing men who are marriageable but cannot stand for themselves. Men do want to help raise their kids, when they're allowed. And calling a father deabeat is merely a reflection of a mother's poor choices. The war between sista and brotha ends when we first acknowledge the systems that work against us, so we can then figure out how to come out of the functional dysfunction we call normal. So from family court back to deciding his name, let's stop letting others exploit our divides or push their sense of selves on ours and focus on what the kid needs-- stabiliy, communication, reliability, open-mindness, emotional presence, a clear sense of his I, and an education that empowers him mentally and culturally, so that he knows to see himself not as a support for his counterparts but as captain of his own ship and partner to his partner.

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