Tuesday, April 2, 2013

K goes E (as in e-book conversion)

So I finally converted my book to e-format, after my students kept pushing the benefits in doing so. And I get that. The whole keeping up with the times thing and how reading is now not only fundamental but part of the gadget trends. Maybe it's my 52 this summer talking, but I still like seeing stacked books in my personal library or my fav soul seeker books by my bed or next to the tub. I still like reaching for a book that transformed me in my earlier years and now serves as a reminder to keep transforming or I'm already dead. Guess that's why I still buy photo albums. I like the idea of opening a life and flipping through the visuals, as opposed to turning on a machine so I can see life through it instead. My suns and gems will tell you that if it ain't on the screen, it never happened. Precious sepia artifacts is dinosaur talk to a quick fixer. So if keeping up with technology will help me sell even more copies, then I welcome it. But I'ma hold on to my photo albums in case the lights go out and all I have are my frozen memories and someone to share them with.

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