Saturday, March 8, 2008

Excerpts from "Before You Fly Off"...

"...If my perception of beauty is Marilyn Monroe but my daughter looks like India Arie, I'm taking a big chance on instilling self-hate messages in our home. Just like if my photo calendar shows only pictures of gorgeous blackberry sistas while my daughter looks like Alicia Keyes...The healthy, more natural thing to do is to show balance. Because Black means all colors coming together..."

"...Like why rock a wig, in the first place? Is it your way of expressing the many wonderful sides of your personality, or is it a sign that you'd rather do away with your nappy because it represents a hair texture and continent you despise?...self-empowerment or self-degradation?..."

"...Is this you?
I don't take constructive criticism well
I'm a great talker, but not a good listener
I like to have the last word

I get defensive
when someone tries to call me on my mess

I spend more attention on my looks and things I own
than on what kind of person I am

I like to control people and situations
I make friends with only those who tolerate my negative ways,
and avoid those who challenge me..."

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