Thursday, March 6, 2008

Message to a Young Blood

You can't be Muslim on Monday
And maybe on Tuesday
Can't preach what you don't practice

You can't call yourself Boriqua
And not know Taina
Can't be a godbody if you don't wash your ass!

You can't call yourself nigga
To justify nigger

Can't be a brotha and disrespect sista

You can't rule the world with a line you picked up
Can't be immortal when your rap is typical

You can never be free if your freedom is money
Can't look fly if your insides got maggots

You can't look at music
Without looking at yourself

Can't act a fool if your life means anything to you

Inhaling paper bag is inhaling dye
And dye is what makes your lips look so purple

Can't be immortal and not earn your name
Can't say you'teachin if teaching means saggin'

Can't have a revolution
If you can't spell revolution!

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