Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Bush

I try not to turn my blog into a Michael Moore thing because I really did intend to keep it purely literary and visual, but not necessarily political. But being a Black man in America is indeed a political reality, isn't it? Like the time I brought up Shawn Bell and our on-going African holocaust. A nudge from Shango to say a few words about a crisis, a warning, a washing of sorts, whatever it is that makes us one in the struggle for justice. In this case, the victims of hurricane Katrina, and how this time around the powers that be were given an opportunity to redeem themselves by showing an elaborate display of community advocacy in the face of potential new victims from yet another blow. Yet as outstanding as the efforts of these officials were; as brilliantly organized as the evacuations turned out, and as amazingly as the federal, state and local reps worked together, I can't help still feeling the same anger towards them as we all did three years ago when poor people--poor Black people, especially--were left to fend for themselves.

Remember my question, why we're profiling men of color when it was a White male (Timothy McVeigh) who was the original terrorist back in '95? Well here's another question-- If the federal, state and local suits were able to come thru this time, why didn't they come through in the first place?....

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