Wednesday, September 17, 2008

J Journal Reception

Reading of my poem, Tuesday. I was setting up the scene by telling the audience how for a new fish--first time inmate--the intake process is a shocking and degrading experience. In this case, male prison intake.

One of my readers asked if Tuesday is a love story, so I wanted to set the record straight-- It's about prison intake, AND a love story!!! Even the College Prez got a kick out of it!

Audience reaction to my comment...At a quick glance, the sista looks like she's having a No, he didn't!!! moment.

Me and John Jay College Prez, Jeremy Travis who not only had enough vision to push J Journal, but even turned his office corridor into a faculty art gallery! I always say, supervising and directing has less to do with delegation and more to do with inspiration, motivation and support.

J Journal editors, Jeffrey Heiman (far left) and Adam Berlin (right).

Two very excited readers and one thankful writer!

Group pic-- The attending writers of the very fist issue of J Journal, with editors and College Prez

Photos by Morisset (Who else?!)

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