Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yoruba Consultation

Osunyoyin Alake is an African American anthro-photo-journalist, fine arts photographer, initiated priestess of the Yoruba river goddess Osun in Osogbo Nigeria, sidereal astrologer, and poet. She began her journey into the mystical at age seven with the study of Astrology. At age twelve she began doing charts for her family and friends.

On her fourteenth birthday she began divining with the Tarot and had a large adult clientele within the year, due to her usual ability and accuracy of her divination. Yoyin began her study of the I Ching under the guidance of Sifu Hwang Sun Chi soon after her 18th birthday. She continued her study and training with him until his passing seven years later. From age eighteen until the present she was mentored in Akan and Yoruba by Nana Kwabena Brown Chief Priest of the Temple of Nyame in spiritual culture and principles. In 1989, she was initiated into the priesthood for Osun by the Elders of the Osun shrine in Osogbo, Nigeria, the main shrine for Osun. She is a working priestess and is available for consultation and all kinds of spiritual work.

Osunyoyin Alake is taking a limited number of divination clients this Saturday. She is available for both Tarot and Cowrie shell (merindilogun, traditional Yoruba divination). Her fee is $55.00. Please call (305) 924-3681 for an appointment. And don't let the zip code deter you. She's right here in Brooklyn, NY!!!

"Act as if it were impossible to fail."--An Akan proverb

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