Sunday, May 16, 2010

How To Write a Book For and About Young Black Males, and Have It Actually Reach Their Hands?

1. Write what they need to hear, not what's trendy

2. Remember how it felt when you turned 14, and society no longer considered you cute and safe

3. Don't forget the fathers who are not allowed to see their children, out of spite

4. Don't forget to bring up Africa, because self-esteem begins at the Gold Coast; not at the car show

5. Pitch to all publishers, not just Black ones. Because sometimes water is thicker than blood

6. The ones you need to impress are the young bruhs themselves, not your agent; not your haters

7. Consider the frustrations of a single mother

8. Don't focus on writing the best help-guide of all time. Let your book be part of the Black Family Plan

9. Avoid Black educators who push eurocentric education (miseducation) on Black children

10. Have your message make a difference; not to merely sit up in a mall looking all glossy and no place to go!

Stay tuned....

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