Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sean Penn and the Reconstruction of Haiti

This is what I mean when I say that sometimes water is thicker than blood. Because while it was the French who initially put Haiti in the condition she is today, it's Black faces and Black hands who are using poverty and devastation as an excuse to commit their evils. Sean Penn recently testified to congress about crime lords and gang members terrorizing international camps and areas outside the bubbles. This is why donors need to make sure their monies are going straight to the people of Haiti and not the puppet Haitian leaders whose role is to help keep the island in dependency mode while satisfying their egos and greed. As messiah-like as Wyclef Jean may seem to the people of Ayiti, not even he can punch a hole in the already sick and paralyzing government of what we once called the pearl of the caribbean. And Sean Penn can't re-train Haitian police on his own. He would if he could. I think we know him well enough by now. But it takes the U.S. government and other countries whose hands have Haitian blood on them to put the puppet strings down and put the focus on security instead, proper distribution of aid, investment, financial stability, infrastructure and then reconstruction. Not the other way around.When I see Sean I don't see White guilt. And when I see Wyclef, I don't see self-hatred....Sometimes water is thicker than blood.

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primamyrna said...

Callous, adding insult to injury, toxic dumping on the poor.