Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dust and Sky

Love was sensed and love was seen
Manifested there within
Wrinkles of the young and the old
At the side of eyes they fold.

In a seam they were formed
By the laughter they had stormed,
That had reached the bellies and
Smiles that stretched from end to end
Chased away inhibition
Things learned in this unison;
Hiding flaws that laid behind
Sealed lips is a waste of mind.
Strum, strum joined by a soft hum,
Dum-da-dum, beats of a drum,
A call for you, for everyone,
Join that tangible action.
Happiness is contagious,
Works its way beyond ages
Proven by those secret smiles
On your lips, they’ve traveled miles.
You don’t need a mother tongue
When body language has sung
‘Another songs of freedom’.
Love finds its way to become
Blinded by liberty and
Walk with life and hope in hand.
On the streets, yes on all streets
Call the universe to beats
All young ones come join the row;
The leaders of tomorrow.
As we meet along the way
We remind ourselves each day
‘No man is my enemy,
My own hands imprison me.’
Two doors open, dust and sky
And you’re told that you can fly
Heart of life hails unity
Hand in glove we soar gently.

by Najma Pirani
Collage, acrylic on canvas by Susan Cornelis

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