Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Tammi

In the middle of writing my chapter on abusive men for my upcoming book on young Black males, I got distracted by TV One's unsung songster, Tammi Terrell whose painful life seemed to mirror the abusers
I was tackling on paper. She was gang raped when she was a teenager, spent her life desperately seeking love and approval from men, got repeated beat downs by the likes of James Brown and David Ruffin of the Temptations and later developed a brain tumor. Yet, after eight brain surgeries and a string of duets with marvin gaye, she managed to leave her mark. She did finally get to experience true love before transitioning, after finding it in a doctor. How interesting that is, since her initial plan, before entering the music biz, was to become a medical doctor herself; even took classes while getting signed to motown...

Did she go the right way or did the right way have the wrong teachers? I can't call it. But stay in peace, our sweet, sweet tammi.

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