Monday, October 11, 2010


Blue mountains
are waiting for you
To come back home
to solitude
Back to paradise
back to loving you

I've been thinking of all those years
I spent searching for you
my soul crying for rescue

O, Taina
my heart is full
Have endless love in store for you
take me back with you
Back to dreams come true

Slaveships and traitors
couldn't keep me from you
My love is free and strong for you
strong like pyramids
Strong like eyes that tell the truth

I've been thinking of all my brothas in jail
their souls cry out to me--

Take us back with you
Take us back to when life was good

O, Taina
we're hungry for you
To bring us home to untainted shores
where mountains wait for you
This one wants you too.

This is not a love note...

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primamyrna said...

Primo! looks like the Truth is catching to the Lie ..hopefully it'll
reach a larger audience: