Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Dads...

We already know about the deadbeat dads who do nothing but piss on people's lives and force mothers to fend for themselves. I'm talking about the good dads out there who don't always get the recognition and the props they deserve. If you're fulfilling your role as both provider and advisor, that in itself is a blessing because it promotes harmony in the family, whatever family means to you, and adds to the solutions of our collective struggle. If for whatever reason you're not allowed to fulfill your role and you decide to give up on the stress of constantly having to fight for your right to parent, know that your child will eventually become a young adult; and as such, she or he will look you up (they always do, no matter what they hear until you confirm the hype). So on the day your daughter or son decides to hear your version of the story, be prepared to respond to the following:

1. Do you have any proof that you appealed to a Judge to be allowed to see me?

2. Did you keep any receipts showing you paid child support, but was still not allowed to help raise me?

3. Are there any letters you wrote to me or my mom that were either never sent or returned to sender?

4. Do you have any photos of me or of us together?

5. Can you name any relatives or close friends who can back up your efforts to father me?

If you can't answer one 'yes' to these here questions, then you're merely setting yourself up for a harsh reality check later on when your seed tells you that their mother was more man than you!

Excerpt from my upcoming book (still working on the title).

Photo of print by Jahheal Massac

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