Friday, June 3, 2011

Sneak Peak: Male Youth Book Chapters

'Chapters' may be the wrong term to use here, since my upcoming book for urban males contains more messages than actual passages. And much like my previous two books--Before You Fly Off - Volumes One and Two--it's a conversation between me and the youth. This time around, marginalized males of African descent and providing the kind of wisdom any conscientious father would offer his sons, while still celebrating their sense of originality and ability to overcome obstacles.

I made a point of keeping the book at a total of 153 pages, so as not to overwhelm the young, no nonsense reader, including illustrations and testimonies of young males I interviewed, along with a note to the parent who's feeling stressed from trying to reach her or his son and looking for solutions to complex problems.

Besides a few pics of the making of the book cover design photoshoot (thanks to photographer, Ocean Morisset and model, Leo Defoe), here's a sneak peak at some of the message titles:

Intro: Is It Working for You?
Why You Don’t Like to Read
31 Dumb Things You Do
How to Communicate Your Feelings (and actually get heard)?
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Think
Choices, Energy and Balance
Why She Hates?
Alternative Education
Some of Us Have Dads
Angry Black Male
What Makes You a Man?
The Secret

Book release date is scheduled for September, just in time for the Fall school semester. Stay tuned. Stay blessed. Stay strong!...

Morisset below taking a photo of the guy taking the photos...Thanks again for coming thru, Naj!

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