Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chapters from My Books on Young Urban Black Girls...

Vol. 1:
So you think you're ready to party?
Boyfriends, and boy friends
What a high school freshman should never do!
Peer pressure/parent stress
Sex is good; it's timing that can be bad
Image and perception
Confidence: the ultimate form of self-defense
Assertive vs. aggressive (there is a difference)
Black men's perceptions of American Black women
When your hood is a war zone
Rewards and dangers of using the Internet
What most dads want from their teen daughters (what this dad wants)
So hard to say goodbye; even harder to say I'm sorry
I hate you, you hate me!
It's your life but,..

Vol. 2:
Check your self (and not just your accessories)
Your parents' baggage is not your handbag
Girl bullies
The skin color game
White boys who like to kick it with Black girls
Bisexual or dl boys, and why they'be frontin'
Developing a relationship with yourself first
Back to the weight thing
Love upside down
The 1-2-3's of communicating
Depression (the other mirror)
Tetimony: lunch with dad
How to be a stress-free parent?
When water is thicker than blood
Dear dad

Note: The male counterpart to these books is scheduled for release September 2011.

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