Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Out Their Way!

The youth don't trust us cos of our contradictions and they refuse to take advice from anyone who buys into a system that they know fails them. When we gripe over their use of the N word, we forget we're still using National Association of Colored People and United Negro Fund. The way they look at it, if we don't mind still calling ourselves 'colored' and 'negro' then 'nigga' should be the least of our problems. Cos they got much more important sht on their minds. Like being forced to find jobs under the table, since having a Black President turned out to be another scam. And so they hustle, like we hustle but without the fear of being themselves. Cos our tradtions are their restrictions. Our expectations are their tribulations. Our religions, mental slavery. And our preoccupation with sexuality is their comic book passtime. Are they angry? Sure you right. And they wear their rage like they flash their pant buckles and exaggerated eyelashes. So now we want their votes again cos without them there is no progress. But progress always has a price. Make some noise or get out their way!

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