Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Put It Bluntly

"What you call a blunt is merely paperbag. how do you turn paper brown? you use dye, right? now, when you cut up your blunt to take out the excess brown so you can then add in your green, you're still using paperbag. so now you're inhaling the ink from the dye that's in the brown which in turn causes your lips to turn dark purple. follow that with colt45, 800, triple x and other cheap toxic beer that's catered to us and you're ready to wile'out without even knowing the reasons why."

-- Excerpt from my latest book, Message to a Youngblood.

Just one more reason to get your copy, and if not for yourself then for someone you think could benefit from it. (Now available on

Next upcoming appearance Wednesday, March 7th 6pm at the Harlem Police Athletic League at W119th Street and Manhattan Avenue.

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