Monday, December 31, 2012

Round This Time...

Round this time I start reflecting on the year, on the who n what I need to give more attention to and the who n what I need to let go. I think about all the things I said I'd do last year and see if I followed thru or if I'm still procrastinating, and why? Where does it come from? I consider all the lessons learned and whether or not my actions match my intentions. I ask myself hard questions, from does my kid respect me? to do I understand the depth of what it means to be somebody's answer to tired of the playas? I also think about my actions and re-actions, those who wanna see me grow forward and those who're still stuck on yesterday. I consider my bad habits and what I need to do to turn them into good choices. Then I look back on what I accomplished just in one year and give thanks to them, along with the blessings yet to come; and even my haters whose role is to be mere stepping stones towards my ultimate victory. After all is prayed over, I thank the one I call home and the one I call Home. Cos there are no accidents. And a coincidence is a reminder that this thing called life is just a big ol classroom. But not all students graduate, so study well so you won't have to get left back.

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