Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shooting at Children

One of mine asked one of yours What up with Darfur? Why our Prez ain't cryin over them children steada' White kids? It's a fair enough question, but here the reality checks—1.  As the leader of the U.S., Obama's primary responsibility is to respond to American tragedies first n foremost;  2. when he gave his reaction, he mentioned all American kids, including our rugrats on the street corners who get off on the ra-ra (and parents who probably shouldn’t be parents);  3. he has no interest whatsoever in supporting egotrippin African leaders who abuse their own people and blame it on the White man;  4. Sudan’s own prez has been  indicted for genocide;  5. since its independence, Sudan has had civil unrest between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south, making religion the usual suspect;  6. Obama’s been pushing U.S. involvement in Sudan since 2007; 7. Arab and darker-skinned muslims need to talk about skin color politics within Islam. It’s not our President’s job to start that conversation. It’s the arabs’ and Black muslims’ duty to talk about their own avoid n deny;  and 8. some things are universal, like looking at the Christmas gifts you were getting ready to wrap while your kid isn’t looking and realizing that she or he won’t be around to unwrap them.

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