Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not Using Colors 'No More

I'm learning to stop saying black or white, and brown, red or yellow, for that matter, when describing myself and others. Those words are merely colors. They don't define ethnicities and friendships. So as of today Autumn, Martha, Terry, Eliza and Jason are no longer 'my white friends', and hopefully I'll no longer be their 'black' friend. My father used to say how obsessed Americans are about skin color, so he escaped to Canada. Cos while he could only be black in the U.S., he could be himself just seven hours away. Color-coding makes it easier for people to categorize one another, rather than going deeper. Like I know a white-skinned woman who was born in Nigeria and a dark-complexioned bruh who's staight-up Japanese! I'm also gonna stop calling Obama our very first 'black' president, since that's leaving his mother out of the conversation. He can't be himself, so I'll at least consider him our first dark-complexioned prez. It's much more accurate this way and invites you to find out more about him, as opposed to letting a color alone tell the story. We each and all have stories to tell and they're far more interesting than just colors and other labels. Plus, when white or red acts more brotherly than black, it does help put things in their proper perspective. One more reason to close your eyes when you really wanna see a person!

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