Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mothers, Fathers, Children, Teachers, Lovers too; and Who's Counseling the Counselor?

When you tell your son to stop crying, boys don't cry, i'll give you something to cry about, get outta my face, get off me, punk, punk-ass, you're just like your damn father, shut da fk up before i knock da Black offa' you!!!...when you lay your rage on him rather than checking yourself and finding out what's up with you, you plant the seed for a very sad wake up call later on when he gives you back everything you taught him!

Call/text your sons and daughters. tell'em you love them. don't buy them anything. there's time for that. plus, you don't want them thinking you're nothing but an atm. and if you're not being allowed to be in their lives, then go to family court and get your visitation rights. with no documentation to show you at least tried, you're setting yourself up for a 'don't need you no more' hand sign later on when they're grown and gone!

Education is a business. this is why the focus is on indoctrination and not inspiration; fitting in and not standing out. if your instructor isn't helping you become more self-empowered yet expects you to glorify everyone but you and those who look like you, switch to auto pilot (so you can get that grade), but be sure to get your needs met once you're out of the crashroom!!!

You're either teaching empowerment or teaching lies.

Love is not control, but it helps to show respect
Love is not forever, so best to focus on friendship and connection
Love is not dominance, but it helps to watch your ways and your tone
Love is not a sex act, so best to reach deeper
Love is not by chance, but it does take being open and available
Love is not a game, so tell those distractors to stay away
Love is not for everyone, but everyone needs it.

And Counselors,
If you're not working on your own issues,
why should we trust you with ours?

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