Sunday, November 21, 2010

Message to a Youngblood

You can't be Muslim on Monday
and maybe on Tuesday
Can't change hand signs
depending on who's winning

You can't wear Nubian
and not know Sudan
Can't be a godbody
if you don't wash your ass!

You can't call yourself nigga
to justify nigger
Can't be a brotha
if you disrespect sista

A woman in her place
is not a cook and a maid
And walking a fine line
doesn't always mean wavering

You can't be free
if your freedom is money
Can't look fly
if your insides got maggots

You can't look at music
without looking at yourself
You can't act a fool
if your life means anything to you

A business transaction
doesn't have to turn fatal
And not all men
like to be called dog

You're not immortal
if you didn't reach your potential
You're not smoking a cigar
if you're inhaling paper bag

You can't say you're grown
when you still walk like a toddler
You can't be a father
if you have no wisdom to pass on

A typical video
is a man without depth
And depth is not
something you buy at the bodega

You don't get a prize
for not going to jail

Can't have a revolution
if you can't spell revolution!

From my upcoming book....stay tuned

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