Monday, November 9, 2009

25 Things Blacks Don't Wanna Hear....Again

1. We'd rather laugh at the comedy of Chris Rock's film, Good Hair rather than take the time to examine why we still consider 'good hair' as being straight and long;

2. We make fortunes off our buffoonery and vulgarity, and call it music;

3. We'd rather call each other nigga than brotha;

4. We allow our athletes to showcase their mansions and expensive cars without expecting them to give back to the Community and stand for something;

5. We still prefer light-skinned sistas over dark-skinned ones, especially in our music videos;

6. We don't give Solange Knowles--the one with depth--props for doing away with the wig and weave thing to show young Black girls that you don't need accessories to look and feel beautiful;

7. We need to walk with a pit bull in order to feel important;

8. We're afraid of telling our young boys (and a few grown ass men) that wearing your pants low enough to show your behind is not only tired but sad;

9. We don't attend parent/teacher conferences;

10. Our public school system fails our children, especially our males and yet we still expect positive results;

11. We'd rather look good than feel good;

12. We think therapy means using a skin exfoliator;

13. We refuse to let go our wigs and weaves because we love White people more than we love ourselves;

14. We forget that the male version of a relaxer is a texturizer, and that brothas too have issues with their hair texture;

15. We don't question the contradictions of the Church;

16. We make fun of africentric Blacks to avoid our psychosis;

17. We don't know what post-slavery psychosis means, but we act it out every day;

18. We think street culture is Black culture;

19. We'll buy an $80,000 truck rather than spend $10 on a self-help book;

20. We think ethnic and fly is a contradiction;

21. We dis Blacks from other countries, out of pure ignorance and competition;

22. We celebrate the myth of Langston Hughes, but not the man himself;

23. We'll support a singer who likes urinating on girls to the point where we'll even buy the video, but we think same sex marriage is digusting;

24. We suffer from internalized racism, religious indoctrination, depression, and denial;

25. We can't handle the truth.

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Ocean Morisset said...

you're dropping some serious truths and wisdom here! Dayum!!