Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Did It?

Folks been asking who did the cover of my latest book. It's photojournalist, Ocean Morisset. A self-taught Haitian American photographer, he's travelled to such places as Cuba, the Southwest, Central America and Haiti to bring back the stories we often don't get to hear about; much less, see. Of course, he also tells the various stories of New York City whether it's a young Black father feeding his newborn on a subway train or Central Park's colorful transition from summer to autumn.

He's also the only artist I know who can make a simple photo of a rusted nail look like a friendly cat!!! Checkout his work by visiting and look for his first photo collection this Christmas.

p.s.-- I actually took this shot of Morisset while visiting fellow writer and friend, Jason Trask up in Maine. I'm better with words, but every once in a while I show my own cam skillz!!!....Peace and gratitude, everyone.

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