Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Church Shows Young SGL's How To Love

We hardly ever hear about Church or Mosque ministers who defy social gravities and show love to marginalized populations. In this case, gay youth or what some africentrics call same gender loving since there's nothing festival about beating up or even worse, murdering those we're afraid of. But a Chicago Church is doing just that-- Ignoring religious barbwires and collaborating with a fraternity to sponsor a dinner, in support of young SGL male couples. The point is not only to show Black folks that religion doesn't have to mean fear and hate, but that young couples--young 'gay' male couples--also need a safe setting to learn how to date and not just how to sex. It's all psychological, really. Because when you see male couples in love and treating one another with care...consideration, you then learn to think beyond what your family, your crew and the general society have taught you about what SGL love is and is not; should be or shouldn't be. So for the younger kat out there who might think that his lovestyle is limited to fluff and puff, this effort from a socially-conscious fraternity and a welcoming church is right on time, even if it's happening to someone else.

The LGBT Center here in NYC does have similar functions, but my Black SGL male students tend to feel out of place there, either because the agenda is eurocentic or they just don't relate to the fem thing. This is what makes this Chicago news news. Because it's a call out for those who want to keep their nubian while still expressing their lovestyle. It's also an opportunity for the frats to teach the young brothas that, though there's nothing wrong with being effeminate, especially since it's the fems who kick down doors to create policies that protect all of us, 'gay' doesn't have to mean picking up habits that make you become a caricature or stereotype. Look at it as a big brother fixing his younger brother's tie, showing him to fend for himself, how to ask a girl out...how to avoid touble dudes. It's the same concept. Same expectation, if you consider saving all our young males an expectation.

The theme of this dinner is tagged My Boyfriend and Me. It's to take place at the Fellowship Hall of Hyde Park Union Church on Friday, November 20th. The sponsoring fraternity is Youth Pride Service's Omega Sigma Theta and their contact phone number for details is (703)382-0511.

Hopefully, other fraternities and sororities, along with other churches who actually follow Jesus' philosophy will take this as a call for similar action in their own cities and communities, to the point where a high school principal considers it part of the curriculum.

Put it this way. When our youth SEE love, they know it's possible to love; and when the Church opens her arms, not to convert but simply to show support, these same young men SEE God and therefore know it's ok to pray!

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ROD (aka BIG ROD) said...

WOW! This is MOST EXCELLENT news. Just reading it blew me away. Thinking outside the box creates all kinds of possibilities. This is sorely needed!