Monday, November 9, 2009


The best gift from my Before You Fly Off project was when a group of fly girls huddled together to read my book, saying things like Yep, that's so true!...No, he didn't say that!...Why don't they have books like this in school?...They need to let the boys read this too!!!!...

I let go of some good guvament money when I left my phd program. On a mere hunch that I'd be happier writing their story instead of somebody else's. And when them girls showed me all that love, I knew I was on my divine path! I might revisit the doctoral gig. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying writing for and about hard to reach populations such as these here young ladies who do want an education and stable life, but don't quite fit the formula handed to them. When we offer alternatives to youth that work for them and not against them, they give back to us not only stable and constructive lives but smiles that are simply priceless!!!

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