Friday, November 13, 2009

What Your History Teacher Ain't Telling

Inventions by Blacks

Cell phone chip Henry T. Sampson 7/6/1971
Air conditioner Fredrick M. Jones 7/12/1949
Bicycle frame L.R. Johnson 10/10/1899
Clothes dryer G.T. Sampson 6/6/1862
Curtain rod S.R. Scratton 11/30/1889
Door knob O. Dorsey 12/10/1878
Eggbeater Willie Johnson 2/5/1884
Light bulb Lewis Latimer 3/21/1882
Elevator Alexander Miles 10/11/1867
Fire escape J.W. Winters 5/7/1878
Fire extinguisher T. Marshall 10/26/1872
Fountain pen W.B. Purvis 1/7/1890
Gas mask Garrett Morgan 10/13/1914
Golf tee T. Grant 12/12/1899
Guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. 3/3/1886
Horse shoe J. Ricks 3/30/1885
Ice cream scooper A.L. Cralle 2/2/1897
Key Chain J. Loudin 1/9/1894
Lantern Michael C. Harve 8/19/1884
Lawn mower L.A. Burr 5/19/1884
Lock W.A. Martin 7/23/1800’s
Mailbox Paul L. Downing 10/27/1891
Motor Frederick M. Jones 6/27/1939
Peanut butter George W. Carver circa 1896
Pencil sharpener J.L. Love 11/23/1897
Refrigerator J. Standard 6/14/1891
Sprinkler W. Smith 5/4/1897
Stove T.A. Carrington 7/25/1876
Thermostat syst. Frederick M. Jones 2/23/1960
Traffic light M.A. Cherry 5/6/1886
Watch Benjamin Banneker circa 1700’s

When you know you come from brillance, you don't walk around wearing your pants low enough to show your drawers, no matter who says it's cool, because the best in you knows that dumbing down isn't cool and isn't supposed to be US!!!

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